Valint Mining is an International Mining and Exploration Company specialising in acquiring high grade leases using proprietary advanced technologies for exploration.

Valint is actively mining in Sierra Leone and holds significant investments in mining assets in Papua New Guinea, Canada and Australia. Valint has a company policy where 20% of all profits are allocated to charitable causes, sustainable business or investment back in to the community.


Bradley Bilbie – Chairman

Brad is the founder of Valint Group and Valint Mining. Brad has a unique ability to attract high calibre individuals and identify unique opportunities. Brad and Richard have worked closely in Papua New Guinea and Tanzania as business partners. Aside from mining interests Brad has founded many companies including one of Australia’s largest private finance companies, since 2014 Brad has raised over $50 million in private equity for various projects. Brad has invested in many renewable energy and sustainable technologies that not only can be used on the mining locations to reduce costs, also working in conjunction with big corporate and at government level.


Peter Floerke – Partner & Head of Mining

Peter has been the driving force behind the development of the worlds most advanced underground resource analysis tool (SRT – Satellite Resource Tracker), project managing a team of computer scientists and continued development of 20 years has given Valint Group the most unique advantage in the mining world with the ability to see the mineral content in the ground without the need for expensive hit and miss drilling programs.

Peter has an engineering background and has a unique ability to build custom made mining equipment to suit the environment. . Peter has worked in over 5 different countries on various mining programs specialising in Gold and Diamonds. Peter is head of procurement and will source and build most of the equipment for mining, he will be active on the ground managing mining staff and teaching them the most effective methods.


Dr Richard Haren – Chief Geologist and Exploration Manager

Dr Haren is an Australian citizen and has over thirty years project management experience involving numerous industries including all facets of minerals/hydrocarbon exploration and mining/production. Dr Haren has consulted to a variety of public and private companies in Australia, Asia, Africa, the C.I.S, North and South America involving exploration and production in hard and soft rock situations. Dr Haren was awarded a First Class Honours Degree and University Medal in Physics and a PhD in Exploration Geophysics from the University of New South Wales.

Dr Haren has performed active exploration programs in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, The Philippines, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, the U.S.A and Africa searching for gold, diamonds, rare earths and base metals. Large scale manganese, iron ore projects (including magnetite) and gold have been a focus in recent times.


Dr Deb Scott – Geologist

Deb has spent over 3 decades in resource analysis.  She has a speciality in structure and tectonics, primarily utilising any available geophysical and on-ground information to synthesize resource plays. She is uniquely qualified to advise and oversee new geophysical techniques and integrate existing data in the exploration of resources.  As a research fellow for both Australian National University and Duke University her background is diverse both geographically and commodity analysis. Her roles as a research scientist have been expanded by consultancy’s to governments and industry.

Her career has included substantial analysis of terrains in the relatively young North and South Americas, East and West Africa and the Australian Mesozoic and Proterozoic, both on and offshore.  Resources evaluated in depth include gold and precious metals, hydrocarbons (oil, gas and coal), and base metals. A keen personal interest in extraordinary examples of geologic minerals rounds out her extensive geological foundation.


Josh Kitson – Finance & Capital Markets

With specialised advisory experience with growth strategies in the global resources industry, Josh contributes to Valint Mining’s strategic direction, corporate development, capital raising, M&A and listing affairs.


Clive Webb – Project Manager

Clive Webb has many years managing teams of people in resources and construction in India and Thailand. Clive is a well trusted team member whose experience in running high performance teams is invaluable especially in foreign countries where work ethic is sometimes lacking that of a developed nation like Australia. Clive also speaks 5 languages.