Papua New Guinea

Initial grades and testing show 3.7 g/pt in alluvial deposit sampling, an alluvial plant capable of processing 600 ton per hour will be operational by 3rd quarter 2018. Hard Rock source has also been identified on the mining lease to start work on in 2019 once the alluvial operation is at full capacity.



We have a proven USD750M resource of diatomaceous earth in British Columbia that is complimented by our range of diatomaceous/diatomite products. We have commenced our growth strategy for an IPO by engaging in a round of capital raising to acquire our own processing plant and increase market penetration of our products. We aim to be listed on the ASX in late 2018.


Sierra Leone

Valint Mining has an established base in Sierra Leone with significant Mining and Exploration Equipment on location. Valint Mining has applied for multiple leases in Sierra Leone and is due to start imminent exploration and mining programs. Leases were selected using Valint’s SRT (Satellite Resource Tracker)



Valint Mining has a large area pegged in Western Australia, which it plans to start operations on in late 2018. Valint Mining is currently under negotiation on a large block of land comprising over 20 mining tenements. We were able to identify an undervalued asset using our advanced SRT (Satellite Resource Tracker) Technology.